[PyQt] How to deploy PyQt Applications for Mac users

Sven Grunewaldt strayer at olle-orks.org
Mon Jun 30 15:50:10 BST 2008


I'm currently fiddling around with PyQt and it seems that I finally 
found a programming language and graphical library that I like.
I already created some small tools and it seems I get some base 
knowledge, so far so good ;)

Now I faced a first problem... how to deploy a PyQt Application to MacOS 
  X users?

On windows and linux I can use pyinstaller to create "binary" packages 
that can be run without any installation procedures, but it seems that 
there is no such thing on MacOS...
And well, telling my friends to compile SIP and PyQt4 who don't even 
know what "make" is, is no real solution. At least from my point of view. ;)
Furthermore this just takes way to long for a tiny application that will 
be started one or two times per month...

Is there any way to create binary packages for MacOS?

Sven Grunewaldt

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