[PyQt] Re: /NewThread/, and Python stack in Visual Studio

Kevin Watters kevinwatters at gmail.com
Mon Jun 23 22:55:42 BST 2008

> > Anyone lucky enough to be using Visual Studio for their SIP projects have any
> > advice on the Python stack trace issue?
> Not that I know of, but please let me know if you find out something.

The best I could come up with was to wrap my main loop in an SEH block
(lookup __try and __except) so that I'd catch access violations and
other similar exceptions, and then in the handler, attempt to call back
into this Python function:

import sys
from traceback import format_stack

def where():
    for thread_id, frame in sys._current_frames().iteritems():
        print '\n%s\n\n%s\n\n\n' % (thread_id, ''.join(format_stack(frame)))

That will at least attempt to dump the Python stacks of each running
thread out to stdout -- and you can match thread IDs up with the ones
in Visual Studio's debugger. It definitely doesn't always work--but it
has helped me track down a few of the bad crashes.

- Kevin

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