[PyQt] QProcess problems/question

Gustavo A. Díaz gustavo.diaz at gmail.com
Tue Jun 17 19:52:02 BST 2008

Hi guys,

I am developing an small app to execute the command export for set a proxy
on my OS (Linux of course).
I using the method:

def applyChanges(self):

        # Variables para poder asignar la URL del Proxy
        httpExport = "export http_proxy=http://" +
self.proxyHttpLineEdit.text() + ":" + self.httpProxySpinBox.text()
        httpsExport = "export https_proxy=http://" +
self.proxyHttpsLineEdit.text() + ":" + self.httpsProxySpinBox.text()
        ftpExport = "export ftp_proxy=http://" +
self.proxyFtpLineEdit.text() + ":" + self.ftpProxySpinBox.text()

        self.httpProcess = QProcess()
        self.httpsProcess = QProcess()
        self.ftpProcess = QProcess()

        # Esto solo des un debug para ver exactamente la salida de dichas
        # TODO: una vez funcionando bien este método, comentar estas líneas
        #print httpExport
        #print httpsExport
        #print ftpExport

        # Ejecutamos el preceso o comando

But the command is not being executed since i still have the export of the
proxy variables empty.
What i am doing wrong here?


Gustavo A. Díaz
GDNet Projects
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