[PyQt] KAboutData() broken when using PyQt 4.4

Adeodato Simó dato at net.com.org.es
Sun Jun 15 10:31:24 BST 2008

* Jim Bublitz [Sat, 14 Jun 2008 14:00:27 -0700]:

> It works here with Qt 4.3/PyQt 4.3.3/sip 4.7.4/KDE 4.0.2/PyKDE 4.0.2.

Right, it is without doubt related to PyQt, because upgrading that is
what caused the problem. This is my last *working* state:

  sip - 4.7.6
  Qt  - 4.4.0
  PyQt - 4.3.3 <-- note this
  KDE  - 4.0.80
  PyKDE4 - 4.0.2 (from Riverbank)

If I upgrade PyQt to 4.4.2, things stop working. Also note how running
PyQt 4.3 against Qt 4.4 works, and PyKDE4 against KDE 4.0.80 too.

> I doubt there's been a change in KDE (you don't indicate a version), so it's 
> likely there's some change in sip or PyQt that's causing the problem. I'll 
> have to upgrade to troubleshoot it, and that may take me a while to get to.

So, Jim, sounds like a change in PyQt, yes. No idea if this could be
related to the fix Simon mentions or not.


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