[PyQt] Re: Adding multiple actions

Alberto Berti alberto at metapensiero.it
Thu Jun 12 11:06:04 BST 2008

>>>>> "David" == David Klasinc <bigwhale at lubica.net> writes:

    David> Greetings, I have more Qt oriented question about adding
    David> actions. If I add several actions to a toolbar, how do I
    David> refer to them later?

you can prepare actions before adding them to the tolbar, But you can
always access them later using QWidget.actions()

    David> How to connect those action's signals to a certain slot?

as with any other widget

    David> I'm trying to add few buttons to a toolbar during runtime
    David> and I'd like all of them to be connected to the same
    David> slot. But I have no way of knowing which one was
    David> triggered. Any solutions to this?





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