[PyQt] Possible bug in handling '-visual TrueColor' option

Neal Holtz nholtz at cee.carleton.ca
Wed Jun 11 14:31:03 BST 2008

On Tuesday 10 June 2008 8:57:54 pm Neal Holtz wrote:
> It turns out that this made me realize I could easily modify
> the original c++ argb code to be equivalent, and it turns out
> that I do get exactly the same behviour with the c++ version.
> So therefore it is NOT a PyQt problem.

So I've just built qt-x11-opensource-src-4.4.0
and PyQt-x11-gpl-4.4.2, and the problem no longer occurs
with either the c++ version of ARGB, nor the Python version (of course,
as the problem was with qt, not pyqt).  

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