[PyQt] QFileDialog, filter problem

David Boddie dboddie at trolltech.com
Mon Jun 9 16:24:07 BST 2008

On Sun Jun 8 06:25:59 BST 2008, sa6113 wrote:

> Is there any way that I can do something such as: 
> For example: 
> QString all Supported File = "*.jpg *.png *.gif" 
> QFileDialog.getOpenFileName("c:\", all Suppoted File, this ) 
> And QfileDialog shows exactly "all supported file" in "Files of type" and
> also filters that files?

I don't think you can use "hidden" filters like these with the static
methods. If you create a file dialog, you can specify the name filters that
it uses, but then the dialog won't be a "native" file dialog on Windows or
Mac OS X, as far as I can tell.

David Boddie
Lead Technical Writer, Trolltech ASA

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