[PyQt] Getting rid of an object

David Klasinc bigwhale at lubica.net
Sat Jun 7 18:01:01 BST 2008


I am facing a rather annoying problem since I have no idea how to get 
rid of a dialog that I created.

For example, in an instance of QMainWindow I opened another dialog with

  self.dialogNew = newDialog (self)
  self.dialogNew.show ()

newDialog is a subclassed QDialog with UI created in Qt Designer.

Now, how do I get rid of that dialog and when will its destructor get 

I implemented __del__ method just too see when it gets called, but it 
turns out that I can execute

del self.dialogNew

and still nothing happens.

My probles goes deeper than this, since I have one QObject class that I 
used to implement timer. Now, I would want to delete certain instance of 
this class because I don't need it. And since del doesn't do anything, 
my timer never stops.

If anyone can shed some light on this, I'd be very happy.


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