[PyQt] How to get an event after an Enter key is pressed?

Igor Prischepoff igor at tyumbit.ru
Fri Jun 6 07:01:23 BST 2008

I think QAction is the way to go:
something like this works for me:

        delrecords = QtGui.QAction(self) # create action
        delrecords.setShortcut(QtCore.Qt.Key_Delete) # set shortcut key for
that action
        <YOUR_WIDGET_HERE>.addAction(self.delrecords) #  assign action to
        self.connect(self.delrecords, QtCore.SIGNAL("triggered()"),
deleteRecords) # connect event <Delete key> is pressed in YOUR_WIDGET.


igor at tyumbit.ru



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I wrote an application where I display sql data on a
QTableView+QSqlQueryModel read only table.

The current version allows you to select via mouse a record on that table
and then add it to an other one, pressing an add-button.

I'd like to give an alternate way to do this: after record line is selected
on the table I'd like to be called on the pression of enter's key and react
to it just like if the add button was pressed.

If is possible to obtain this behaviour I'd like to trap an other button
I'd like to be called when delete's key is pressed while the record line is

Thanks in advance for your help.

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