[PyQt] PyKDE: problems sending singals to KPART

Thomas Winkler tc at tomwinkler.net
Wed Jun 4 15:17:10 BST 2008


> >                self.connect(self, PYSIGNAL("sigNextSlide"), self.part,
> > SLOT("slotNextSlide()"))
> >                self.emit(PYSIGNAL("sigNextSlide"), ())
> wild guess here, but did you try:
> self.connect(self, PYSIGNAL("sigNextSlide"), self.part.slotNextSlide)
> or you could be missing a piece of the signal signature (maybe
> "KPart::slotNextSlide() " ?)

Thank you for your suggestions. Unfortunately both do not work for me.

An additional note: I had a mistake in the source I posted. The slot I want to 
call is named "slotNextPage" and not "slotNextSlide". But the problem still 

Thank you,

Thomas Winkler
tc at tomwinkler.net

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