[PyQt] problem creating QApplication with argb visual

David Boddie dboddie at trolltech.com
Mon Jun 2 20:19:30 BST 2008

On Friday 30 May 2008 20:50, Lev Shamardin wrote:

> Could you please test again with the following snippet and commenting out
> line #132 from the paste (setting the self-destruction alarm):


> If it draws a window without any complaints on your system this seems to be
> a PyQt bug :(

I just get this:

screen: 0
eventBase: 0 errorBase: 136
nvi: 1
visual = 0x08265398, colormap = 0x00e00001
ext_data None visualid 57 c_class 4 red_mask 16711680 green_mask 65280 
blue_mask 255 bits_per_rgb 8 map_entries 256
Found ARGB visual, starting app...

And no window appears. :-/

> Well, this code is a straightforward translation of sources from 
> svn://labs.trolltech.com/svn/graphics/dojo/argb so everything seems to be
> fine from the Xlib side. Either I've done something wrong with types
> conversions or this is a bug.

Well, the Dojo example works for me, so maybe there's something a little
different going on with the Python version.

I briefly tried experimenting with ctypes and Xlib to simply pass the Display
to a normal QApplication, and this appeared to work. However, I didn't wrap
the return value of XOpenDisplay.

Xlib isn't something I'm familiar with, so I would need to spend a lot more
time looking at this to figure out what's happening. If anyone else has the
patience, please step forward. :-)

David Boddie
Lead Technical Writer, Trolltech ASA

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