[PyQt] (sort of) beginner question on pyuic4

Matt matt-lists at comnet.net.nz
Mon Jun 2 03:06:07 BST 2008


I'm having a bit of trouble with pyuic4.  I've made a few pyqt apps using 
pyqt3 (nothing particularly complicated - and I'm no programmer, just a 
hobbyist), and am now trying to port them over to pyqt4.  However, I'm not 
sure I'm doing things right.

I usually design the gui layout using qt designer, and then create the 
functions that are triggered by signals and slots using a .ui.h file.  Using 
pyqt3, I'd then create the .py file using pyuic, which would pick up 
the .ui.h file and combine it into the .py file.  However, pyuic4 doesn't 
seem to do that anymore.

If at all possible, could someone explain how .ui.h files fit into the mix in 
pyqt4, or point me to a good tutorial - I have searched online, but nothing 
seems to deal with this point very well.

Another question I have is that pyuic used to take a -tr option - this option 
doesn't exist in pyqt4.  Is there an explanation somewhere about how 
translations now work in pyqt4?


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