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adonay at k-demar.org adonay at k-demar.org
Sun Jun 1 10:49:27 BST 2008

I've searched for 2 weeks!
I have qt 4.4 and pyqt-dev-tools compiled for debian, in a DEB package.
Tell me if any one want this packages, I have a own ftp server to upload it.

Does any know if there's already an app like  qt-assistant created with
Because this is so similar to the app that I want to create, but I would
like to add some features.



  Adonay Sanz Alsina

  K-DEMar GNU/Linux:  www.k-demar.org


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1. A WebView is ideal if you are Qt4.4+
2. A WebView contains a WebPage. The WebView is a widget, whereas the
is not - the WebView is the visual representation of the web page, hence the

3. When you create a WebView, it contains a WebPage. Add the WebView to one
your widgets. You use the page() member function of WebView to get the
and you can then set the link delegation policy and connect signals to that
page object.
This all works very well, BTW.

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Subject: [PyQt] webView & webPage

I'm trying to make a special web navigator with the webview.
But I like to manage the weblinks. With signal clickedLink I see that this
is what I want, but don't work if I dont define to use this signal. This I
see I can do with  linkDelegationPolicy. I cannot define
linkdelegationpolicy on a webview. Only on a webpage class.
The questions are:
 - It's better use webview or other widget to navigate throug own HTML with
own link management?
 - What influence webpage has on webview. Because webpage has a lot of
functions that webview does not inherits.
 - Can I use webpage to see html, and how I use it?
I try to find examples and documentation on google but it's too new, and
documentation and examples for pyqt does not exists.
Sorry my english. Tnx 4 all
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