[PyQt] QVariant conversion toInt()

lj larry at foxgulch.com
Sun Jul 27 16:23:48 BST 2008

Thanks for your responses. I've read and re-read the doc. But at the
risk of being labeled as a "Language Lawyer, junior grade",
I guess the correct way to retrieve ones "int" from a QVariant is
something like this?

from PyQt4.QtCore  import *
from PyQt4.QtGui import *

qv = QVariant(255)   # qv contains integer 255

if qv.canConvert(QVariant.Int):   # if castable then
    returnedTuple = qv.toInt()    # get Phil's tuple
    myValue = returnedTuple[0]    # pick off the integer
    myValue = None    #flag error or set default value

print myValue, type(myValue)  #prints 255 and <type 'int'>

And furthermore I read where string can be converted to just
about everything... except Point, Rect and Size so to check 
I ran the script below.

qv = QVariant(QString("255"))   # qv contains QString "255"
print "\n Expect False"
print qv.canConvert(QVariant.Point)
print qv.canConvert(QVariant.Rect)
print qv.canConvert(QVariant.Size)

print "\n Expect True"
print qv.canConvert(QVariant.Bool)
print qv.canConvert(QVariant.ByteArray)
print qv.canConvert(QVariant.Char)      #!!! Prints False !!!
print qv.canConvert(QVariant.Color)
print qv.canConvert(QVariant.Date)
print qv.canConvert(QVariant.DateTime)
print qv.canConvert(QVariant.Double)
print qv.canConvert(QVariant.Font)
print qv.canConvert(QVariant.Int)
print qv.canConvert(QVariant.LongLong)
print qv.canConvert(QVariant.StringList)
print qv.canConvert(QVariant.Time)
print qv.canConvert(QVariant.UInt)
print qv.canConvert(QVariant.ULongLong)

All print True or False as expected except for the  QVariant.Char
attempt which prints "False" where "True" was expected

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