[PyQt] PyQt and linux signals

Strato pyqt at p0w.org
Sun Jul 27 11:46:48 BST 2008

Thanks for your answer, but some precison:

in pyqt3 (maybe also in pyqt4), when the signal is sent, the application 
will not be immediately affected by it (in my application at least).

the application have to trigger an event loop to be affected by the signal.

I had to implement a QTimer that call a slot that execute the 
processEvents() method, to obtain a kind of reaction to the signal...

maybe there is a better/simpler way to force the application to 
immediately react to the signal, without having the user to move the 
mouse inside the app or something else.


Christoph Burgmer a écrit :
> Am Freitag, 25. Juli 2008 schrieb Strato:
>> is there a way for a pyqt application, to handle/detect linux signals
>> send by the system, like SIGTERM, SIGUSR, etc ?
> Check the attached example. This was posted already earlier here.
> Chris
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