[PyQt] QWSWindow.raise() class error with python

Strato pyqt at p0w.org
Wed Jul 23 08:54:20 BST 2008


Thanks for your answer !

You're right, the right way is to implement the event method in my class 
:) (I've fund this yesterday evening :) )

But, I do the trick differently, using self.isMinimized() because my 
class is a QDialog subclass.

Thanks !

PS: for the other need of handling the "close" button on the window 
manager decoration, I've also found how to solve this.

David Boddie a écrit :
> Strato,
>> erratum: I've found my mystake about the "minimized()" method of the
>> QWidget class: is not a method, and the real method works: isMinimized() :)
>> btw my main problem (handle when the user click on the minimized button
>> remains)
> Unfortunately, as you noticed, there isn't a signal to tell you when the
> user minimizes the window. However, there should be a way to do this by
> monitoring the events sent to the widget. In your widget's class definition,
> add an event() implementation like the following:
> class Window(QWidget):
>   def event(self, event):
>       if isinstance(event, QHideEvent):
>           if self.windowState() & Qt.Minimized != 0:
>               # Do something to hide the window.
>               self.hide()
>       return QWidget.event(self, event)
> Good luck!
> David
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