[PyQt] creating TIFF with CCITT FAX group 4 compression

David Boddie david at boddie.org.uk
Wed Jul 16 23:06:32 BST 2008

On Wed Jul 16 04:46:02 BST 2008, Glenn Linderman wrote:

> So I generate a QImage with a B&W (bitonal) image, using PyQt.
> Writing it out produces a full-color 32bpp uncompressed TIFF file.  Ick.
> QImage doesn't seem to know how to produce other variations.  So I wrote it
> into a QByteArray per the docs, and extracted the data().

Apparently, you can write out LZW-compressed TIFFs:


> Found PIL, but PIL writes only uncompressed TIFF files too, according to
> its documentation.

There appears to be an attempt to patch it to support reading of group 4
compressed files:


And some code to use "tiffcp" to do the hard work of writing a compressed


> Found pytiff, can't figure out if it can write compressed TIFF files or
> not, nor how to make it read a TIFF from a string in memory, as it takes a
> filename, rather than a file() object as a parameter.

It looks like it might be able to perform the compression - see the FAQ on
this page:


Though it's certainly a problem that it uses file names rather than file
objects. I suppose it could be modified to support them.

> I'm pretty far down the list of Google hits, so thought maybe it was time
> to ask if anyone has figured out how to write out a QImage into a TIFF file
> along with using CCITT FAX group 4 compression.

This message from the python-list looks interesting:


Perhaps the FreeImagePy project mentioned will be useful:


Let us know if you find something that works.

Good luck!


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