[PyQt] Segmentation fault with QtGui.qt_x11_wait_for_window_manager

Markos Gogoulos mgogoulos at abiss.gr
Mon Jul 14 14:47:59 BST 2008

qt_x11_wait_for_window_manager results in segfault when called with  
None as argument.

>>> import PyQt4.QtGui
>>> PyQt4.QtGui.qt_x11_wait_for_window_manager(None)
Segmentation fault

This was tested on ubuntu hardy with the following:

libqt4-core  4.3.4-0ubuntu3
libqt4-dev 4.3.4-0ubuntu3
python-qt4 4.3.3-2ubuntu4.1
python-qt4-common 4.3.3-2ubuntu4.1
python2.5 2.5.2-2ubuntu4

Bug was not tested on other platforms or versions of PyQt and/or Qt,  
which may as well be affected.

Best regards,
Markos Gogoulos

Under the paving stones, the beach

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