PyKDE releases (was: [PyQt] Changes in PyKDE)

Simon Edwards simon at
Sat Jul 12 11:30:46 BST 2008

Hello all,

Jim Bublitz wrote:
> The major change will probably be that up-to-date releases will come via KDE 
> releases (version releases and bugfix releases), and Simon will probably keep 
> you up-to-date on the where and when of those. Any project decisions are now 
> up to Simon.

Just to expand on this a bit.

PyKDE4 will be released as part of the KDE platform and will be part of 
KDE's releases and schedule. Bug fix releases regularly come out every 4 
week or so, which should be fast enough for most people. Either way the 
current code is always available in KDE's subversion. Distributions are 
much better at packaging and updating PyKDE4 these days, which makes it 
much easier for people to get the current PyKDE4.

I anyone has other wishes or needs then let me know and I'll see what I 
can do. Nothing is set in stone.

I'm about to look into adding support for kcontrol/systemsettings 
modules and other plugins. That work would officially arrive in KDE 4.2, 
but if I have something useful and working I could release a tarball for 
the people who want to start working with it and don't want to compile 
KDE from svn or wait 6 months. =)


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