[PyQt] i would like to make global keyboard shortcuts using pyqt4..

Marcell Mars marcell.mars at gmail.com
Wed Jul 9 21:25:32 BST 2008

i know most of the time people will say you shouldn't use grabKeyboard
if you don't know what are you doing.. as said in subject i would like
to play with making global keyboard shortcuts in xorg through pyqt4...

i would like to run qApp without visible/focused widget..
what would be the right way to do that? (from the one who knows what
is she doing ;))..

i don't need running examples, where of course it's great if there are
some.. i'm easy and happy looking into documentation (which i do even
now).. i was just wondering what the real qters would do....

if you need any reference that i'm not asking coz i would like to
install keylogger on my dad's computer i could just add

for now i would just releaseKeyboard(;)

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