[PyQt] pykde4 solid question

Peter Liedler peter at liedler.at
Mon Jul 7 05:39:54 BST 2008

Thank you.

I think there is no need to backport it to kde 4.0 since 4.1 is released 
at the end of this month and I seem to be the only one using it at this 


Simon Edwards wrote:
> Simon Edwards wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Peter Liedler wrote:
>>> this one should be executable:
>>>       if cdrom.isDeviceInterface (Solid.DeviceInterface.OpticalDrive):
>>>            burner = cdrom.asDeviceInterface 
>>> (Solid.DeviceInterface.OpticalDrive)
>>>            print burner.supportedMedia()
>> Looks like a bug in PyKDE. You should be getting an optical driver 
>> object back, but instead you get a drive object.
>> It looks like something I can fix for KDE 4.1, and maybe 4.0 if there 
>> is demand for it.
> I just committed the fix to KDE 4.1. :-)
> cheers,

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