[PyQt] QComboBox with history

Filip Gruszczyński gruszczy at gmail.com
Thu Jul 3 16:26:38 BST 2008

> For example, you can use userData attribute in the addItem() method or the
> setItemData() method to store the information needed and the findData method
> to find an item or an index with needed data. More information on the
> QComboBox Class Reference.

I don't think it solves my problem. What I want (need) to do, is add
history of user's choices. Say, there are values a, b and c in the
combo box. First user chooses a, but then changes to c. I would like
to store this information and be able to retrieve whole (or part) of
the history - e.g. [ a, c ].

Therefore I need to intercept the event when user chooses new option
in the combo box, add information to the history and then let the rest
happen (like emitting signals). I can't just intercept a signal,
because I have no control over order of interception.

Filip Gruszczyński

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