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  I was wondering if you have ever done this before and how much of the converted code did you have to edit?...Its hard for me to phrase this question properly, but I give it a shot...

The converted code ie "myconvertedcode.py" contains:
     a class: ie "convertClass"...This class has two functions:
            def setupUi(self, someobject)
            def retranslateUi(self, someobject) 

Now what I know is that uic.load() returns a QtGui object that you can easily use. So if I did myobj = uic.loadUi("myUi")....I can easily go ahead and do myObj.somewidget.show()

But I'm not sure what I get, after I import say "myconvertedcode", when I do myobj = myconvertedcode.convertClass...I'm finding it hard to access any of the widgets in the initial Gui by using  myObj.somewidget.show() etc.

I hope you can make out what I'm trying to say, you can ask me any questions for clarity, bottom line is I'm not exactly sure how to use the converted code in the main program that used to do the Ui load. I've seen some examples for sub classing the class created in the python code but they I can seem to get them to work. Any help will be appreciated.

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Yes that's what I meant.
You can do this conversions easily by using mkpyqt.py. This script is the file pyqtbook.zip that is downloadable at http://www.qtrac.eu/pyqtbook.html.
Best regards.
BAL Christophe.

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   Thanks for your reply and help, I'm not sure I understand what you mean by a "python version of my GUI" do you mean a full implementation of my GUI in python?...I'm pretty sure that would work but that would be an extreme pain to do right now so I'm looking for an "easy way" out. I am however looking to use pyuic to convert my Qt ui files to python code but I'm open to new any new suggestions though. 

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I think you should use Python versions of your GUI. Have you tried that ?

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>I tried down grading to the same versions as in Ubuntu and I could load my ui files, however the script runs painfully slow. This leads me to believe that porting
python scripts that use certain qt functionality isn't fully supported. Does anyone know another way to load Qt ui files on windows?. Please specify the versions of all the packages involved. Thanks. 
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> I installed PyQt4 and Python on windows and tried to
>a script that I have tested and ran on Ubuntu. When I try to run my 
>script, at the point were I try to load a ui file...ie : uifile = 
>uic.loadUi("MyUIFile.ui"), it always gives me an attribute error that 
>occurred in the icon_cache.py library file "AttributeError: 'NoneType' 
>object has no attribute 'replace'" in __init__ when it tried to execute 
>: "self._roles[i.tag] = i.text.replace("\\", "\\\\")" . This script 
>works fine on Ubuntu, and being that
the Qt ui files are xml, I thought 
>it would be trivial to port it to windows. Below is the list of packages I'm running on each OS. Windows has the most up to date packages. 
>On windows: 
>PyQt is 4.4.3-1, Qt is version 4.4.1, and python is version 2.5 
>On Ubuntu (8.04): 
>PyQt is 4.3.3-2, Qt is 4.4.0, Python is version 2.5.2-0 
>I haven't made any changes 
>to any of the libraries and therefore don't understand, why I am 
> getting this error. I
apologize if my problem is not clear enough but 
>would appreciate all the help I can get, please feel free to ask any question for 
>clarity. Thank you for your time. 
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