[PyQt] Problem with QKeySequence

Baz Walter bazwal at ftml.net
Tue Aug 26 18:08:09 BST 2008

Phil Thompson wrote:
> It will be fixed in tonight's snapshot.



>>> from PyQt4.QtGui import QKeySequence, QApplication
>>> app = QApplication([])
>>> k = QKeySequence.StandardKey(3)
>>> d = {k: 'Open'}
>>> d[k]
>>> d = {QKeySequence.StandardKey(3): 'Open'}
>>> d[k]
Segmentation fault

(I also get a segfault if I try to create a QKeySequence from a
StandardKey without first creating a QApplication)

This is using either qt 4.4.1, sip 4.7.7, pyqt 4.4.3
or qt 4.4.1, sip 4.7.8-snapshot-20080817, pyqt 4.4.4-snapshot-20080824

Baz Walter

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