[PyQt] PyQt4.uic Error!!..

Aminu D imat03 at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Aug 25 18:31:48 BST 2008

   I installed PyQt4 and Python on windows and tried to run
a script that I have tested and ran on Ubuntu. When I try to run my
script, at the point were I try to load a ui file...ie : uifile =
uic.loadUi("MyUIFile.ui"), it always gives me an attribute error that
occurred in the icon_cache.py library file "AttributeError: 'NoneType'
object has no attribute 'replace'" in __init__ when it tried to execute
: "self._roles[i.tag] = i.text.replace("\\", "\\\\")" . This script
works fine on Ubuntu, and being that the Qt ui files are xml, I thought
it would be trivial to port it to windows. Below is the list of packages I'm running on each OS. Windows has the most up to date packages.
On windows:
PyQt is 4.4.3-1, Qt is version 4.4.1, and python is version 2.5
On Ubuntu (8.04):
PyQt is 4.3.3-2, Qt is 4.4.0, Python is version 2.5.2-0

I haven't made any changes
to any of the libraries and therefore don't understand, why I am
getting this error. I apologize if my problem is not clear enough but
would appreciate all the help I can get, please feel free to ask any question for
clarity. Thank you for your time.

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