[PyQt] Compiling PyQt on Mac OS X

Daniel Miller daniel at keystonewood.com
Thu Aug 21 13:37:36 BST 2008

>> Do you know if py2app will handle a framework build of Qt?
> Yes, it should. You may need to update to the latest py2app from  
> svn--the current release version is rather old, and doesn't support  
> PyQt 4.x. (I contributed a patch/reciple for PyQt/sip cobbled  
> together from code I found on this list that fixes the problem.)

Do you know, will there ever be another release of py2app? I also  
follow the Pythonmac list and there are tons of questions on there  
that are answered by "try the dev version of py2app".

I'll try that out if I get some time, although I'm starting to think  
I might wait until Qt 4.5 is out since it doesn't look like they've  
fixed the things I want to have fixed. Namely, QTreeView header does  
not look right on Mac OS. The header is too high and the sort column  
header does not turn blue like it does with native Mac apps (not to  
mention the old Qt 3). There's one bug report that I know of that  
might start to fix some of the problems: http://trolltech.com/ 
developer/task-tracker/index_html?id=186052&method=entry  In general,  
Qt 4 on Mac does not look as polished and professional as Qt 3.3  
does, which is very surprising to me since it was supposed to be so  
much better.

>> I didn't have a problem building Qt or SIP, the only problem I had  
>> was with PyQt. The errors I had were rather strange--looked like  
>> something was wrong with SIP. Unfortunately I was not able to find  
>> any older versions of SIP to try them out (i.e. versions 4.5 or  
>> 4.6). Have you successfully (on Mac OS) built PyQt 4.4.3 ?
> Yes, that's what I'm using now.

One further qualification, what version of SIP are you using? I'm  
sorry for being so naggy here, but I'd like to figure out why I'm  
getting these errors. Do you know, did something change in PyQt  
recently that makes it only work with a framework build of Qt? I was  
able to successfully compile and use the following library versions:

Qt 4.3.2
SIP 4.7.1
PyQt 4.3.1

And I compiled those using the exact same options and procedure I was  
using when I ran into problems with PyQt 4.4.3

~ Daniel

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