[PyQt] Compiling PyQt on Mac OS X

Daniel Miller daniel at keystonewood.com
Wed Aug 20 21:33:42 BST 2008

Thanks for the hints Kevin.

>> $ ./configure -release -nomake examples -nomake demos -no-qdbus - 
>> universal -no-framework
> Why are you building Qt as no-framework? I thought Qt had to be  
> built as a framework to build on OS X.

I think I have that option in there because I had problems packaging  
the framework builds with py2app. I should try it again, if only to  
find out why I needed the -no-framework option. Do you know if py2app  
will handle a framework build of Qt?

> I've found the easiest way to build PyQt is to link it against the  
> binary intaller from Trolltech. It saves you the trouble of  
> building Qt, and PyQt builds fine (after you build sip et al. first).

I didn't have a problem building Qt or SIP, the only problem I had  
was with PyQt. The errors I had were rather strange--looked like  
something was wrong with SIP. Unfortunately I was not able to find  
any older versions of SIP to try them out (i.e. versions 4.5 or 4.6).  
Have you successfully (on Mac OS) built PyQt 4.4.3 ?


~ Daniel

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