[PyQt] Problems with sqlite

IloChab ilochab at gmail.com
Wed Aug 20 11:45:39 BST 2008

I wrote a little application that uses PyQt4's API to access a sqlite DB.

I run the same application in different environments (Fedora 8 & 9, Mac OsX,
Windows) and on the target systems I have slightly different packages

                   F8        F9      OsX      W

Python       2.5.1     2.5.1     2.5.1     2.5.1
sqlite         3.4.2     3.5.6     3.3.14   3.3.4
pysqlite     2.3.2     2.3.2      2.3.2     2.3.2
PyQt4       4.3.3     4.3.3     4.3.3     4.4.2

The strange thing that happens since the last few months (with very little
changing on my code) is that:
1) during run time every thing works fine (I can add, modify, delete records
2) to a subsequent run of my application I don't find my modification on the
3) between 1rst and 2nd run I find a database-journal in db's directory

but WITH THE SAME APPLICATION CODE the wrong behavior happens only onto
                                           Fedora 9 and MacOsX
                                           Fedora 8 and Windows
continue to work correctly.
[what I remember for sure is that once my code worked on OsX, while I really
don't remember if it ever worked on F9]
[the code's differcences  that made it once work onto OsX and now any more
are about a new table added to my db that anyway I don't use in my tests]

Now, you could think that I posted on the wrong group (and it could be... of
course), but the fact is that on each of the four environments every thing
works fine if I use directly pysqlite API and not PyQt4 ones.

I don't get any explicit notification of any error during run time.
I only get a db-journal at the end of the run.

I'd like to know if you think it could be really a version problem or if I
miss something here.

Any way, what do you suggest to do???

thank you all
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