[PyQt] Re: Auto-generate sip specification file?

Simon Edwards simon at simonzone.com
Tue Aug 19 19:51:19 BST 2008

Kevin Watters wrote:
>> I'm still at Akademy, but I'll try to get this checked into KDE's SVN 
>> some time this weekend along with all of my changes. (Probably in 
>> kdesupport. I'm not sure if I can keep the change history though.)
> +1 on interest in seeing this! Especially the autodocs-from-doxygen support.

That part is probably one of the more dubious ones, especially now that 
I've hacked a bunch of extra stuff on to it.

Anyway, twine is now in KDE's subversion repository in kdesupport:


There are currently no docs for it though and it is a bit too KDE 4 
specific in places too. But you're welcome to have a look at it.


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