[PyQt] newbie questions...

Andreas Pakulat apaku at gmx.de
Sun Aug 17 09:44:46 BST 2008

On 16.08.08 23:45:51, Chris Withers wrote:
> Andreas Pakulat wrote:
>> Get it from your distribution under linux or use the ready-made
>> installer from Phil for windows. I don't know what the state on MacOSX
>> is. In worst case you're fetching sip+pyqt4 
> what's sip?

Its the tool needed to build pyqt4 from sources because it generates the
actual C code for the bindings from so-called .sip files which describe
the API of the classes in C++ library and how they should be mapped into

>>> - How do I package an app up that uses PyQt4 as a 
>>> double-click-installer  for non-technical users?
>> Same as the first thing above: They should use the PyQt4 installer from
>> Phil or distro packages and then just execute your python script.
> IS there no way to package up an application such that you don't need to  
>  seperately install python, pyqt4 and then the app?

Well, you can create a NSIS installer for windows, I've got no idea how
distribution works on MacOSX. Others have already pointed out py2exe,
but I see from time to time mails here that people have problems with
py2exe in some cases.

In general distributing apps for a platform that doesn't have a
packaging system is a PITA if you have dependencies. (I'm not saying a
packaging system like linux distro's use is the ultimate answer, there
are problems with that sometimes too - versioning, integrating with the
packaging system....)


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