[PyQt] issue about building pyqt 4.4.3 with qt 4.4.1 debug + msvc 2008 ee

Liang Qi cavendish.qi at gmail.com
Sat Aug 16 07:02:16 BST 2008


Platform: windows xp with sp2
Compiler: ms vc 2008 express edtion

I built qt 4.4.1 in debug mode.

When I build pyqt 4.4.3, it reports that it can't open qtmain.lib, but
in the debug build of qt on win, it only has qtmaind.lib.

What should I do about this issue?

BTW, I had tried, if I use release build of qt 4.4.1, the make of pyqt
4.4.3 works fine.


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