[PyQt] newbie questions...

Chris Withers chris at simplistix.co.uk
Fri Aug 8 10:16:53 BST 2008

Hey All,

Apologies for the newbie questions, I'm still trying to decide what gui 
toolkit I want to use and so would like to give Qt4 a go. Everything I 
do is in python, so that leads me to PyQt4 ;-)

I'm currently doing entirely open soruce development on Windows. 
However, I wouldn't like to rule out developing some commercial apps 
later. What's the licensing position on this? This, from the Trolltech 
website was more than a little weird:

The Commercial License does not allow you to incorporate code developed 
with the Open Source Editions of Trolltech software into a proprietary 

That seems weird to put it politely. I would have thought they both had 
the same interfaces?

Anyway, some questions:

- where do I get the Qt Designer from?

- how come PyQt4 isn't on PyPI? (Nowadays I'm used to just specifying 
packages as egg requirements in a buildout.cfg 
(http://buildout.zope.org/) but I guess I can't do that with PyQt4?)

thanks for any help!

Chris :-)

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