[PyQt] [pyconuk] PyQt4 Tutorial

Mark Summerfield mark at qtrac.eu
Thu Aug 7 19:43:38 BST 2008


To quote Michael Foord:

    "PyCon UK starts with a tutorial day, when you have the opportunity
    to attend two half day tutorials for only £30."

One half day tutorial on the Friday will be "Practical Python GUI
Programming with PyQt4", summarised here:

It is aimed at Python 2 programmers, although no GUI experience is
assumed. You will need a laptop---Windows/Mac/Linux---whatever you have,
with Python 2.5 and PyQt4 and an editor (e.g. IDLE) _already installed_,
since the tutorial is a mixture of exposition and hands on programming.
[It may be possible to borrow a suitable laptop---please contact the
organisers about this.]

For those just wanting an introduction to GUI programming with PyQt4,
there will be a one hour talk on Saturday, summarised here:

Conference web site: http://pyconuk.org

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