[PyQt] KDE API docs for us Pythonists

Simon Edwards simon at simonzone.com
Tue Aug 5 23:08:13 BST 2008

 From my blog: http://www.kdedevelopers.org/node/3593

After the kdebindings meeting about a month ago in Berlin, I had a 8-ish 
hour long trip back on the train from Berlin to Nijmegen. Deutsche 
Bahn's trains are rather civilised and have power on board for all your 
laptop charging needs (provided you can get close enough to the seats 
with the tables *and* the power outlets). Anyway, after getting some 
preliminary Python coding working inside KDE 4's systemsettings (thanks 
go to rdale for his help), I had a go at trying to fix up the PyKDE 
class documentation to more closely match the C++ KDE API docs. About 5 
weeks of hack time later I now have something which is ready enough for 
the public. The formatting is much more in line with the C++ docs and 
the pages are laid out and cross linked much better than the previous 
class reference for PyKDE. It is still not perfect (code fragments are 
not translated to Python), but it should be perfectly usable 98% of the 
time. Give it a try. http://api.kde.org/pykde-4.1-api/

This is part of my effort to update the PyKDE docs a bit move them over 
to the KDE techbase where it is much easier for everyone to help keep 
them updated and to add more information. 


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