[PyQt] Simple Draw/Erase on image

Aaron Digulla digulla at hepe.com
Wed Apr 30 21:44:46 BST 2008

Jake Richards schrieb:
> Hello:
>   I am looking to write just a simple drawing program that would load an
> image, and then allow me to draw and erase on top of it.  I looked at the
> scribble example and it has basically everything I need except the ability
> to erase any marks I've made over the source image.  What would be the best
> way to erase any drawn lines I've created over the image?  I tried setting
> the image to ARGB and then switching the pen to (0,0,0,0) but that draws
> nothing (I was hoping it would draw 0,0,0,0 instead of adding color*alpha).
> Is there a way to use the source image as my pen color (basically painting
> with a texture)?  Thanks for any help!

Two solutions:

1. Draw the line again with the background color (for example,
white+full opaque: 255,255,255,255)

2. Use a QGraphiceView and delete the line object from the scene when
you click on it with the "delete tool" (see


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