[PyQt] SIP: rich compare with a tuple bug?

Kevin Watters kevin at digsby.com
Wed Apr 23 20:27:50 BST 2008

I think I found a bug with rich comparison operators. I have a simple class
like this:

class point
	point(int x, int y);

	int x;
	int y;
	/* (convert sequences with 2 ints to points) */

	bool operator==(const point&);

The ConvertToTypeCode successfully makes it so that any function expecting a
point object will take a 2-tuple (or 2 integer sequence of any type) just fine.

But I'm having problems with the operator== -- it doesn't work for tuples.

>From Python:

p = point(42, 5)
p == (42, 5) # False

If I step into my ConvertToTypeCode, I see that sipPy is only getting the first
integer in the tuple. So this actually works:

p = point(42, 5)
p == ((42, 5), ) # True

But strangely, if I use any other sequence than a tuple, it appears to work

p = point(42, 5)
p == [42, 5] # True

So that leads me to believe that somewhere we're missing a PyTuple_New in SIP.
I can't quite figure out where in the SIP source this should be happening,

All of the relevant code is in this pastebin: http://pastebin.org/31587

Thanks for any help!

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