[PyQt] Cross Compiled PYQT

Hal Glenn hglenn at 2g-eng.com
Fri Apr 18 23:38:35 BST 2008

Just the demo's that build when compiling QT. I haven't compiled any 
programs outside of the QT build process yet. We took this week off 
working on this project to catch up with some other (paying) work so we 
could eat. We will get back onto working with this next week.


David Boddie wrote:
> On Friday 18 April 2008, Hal Glenn wrote:
>> Yep, we had tested it with a few of our simple apps that we had been
>> writing on the PC before that, and the error was the same. So we went
>> straight to the shell and started typing to see where the problem started.
> That's probably the best way to find problems. :-)
>> Thanks for the reply, and thanks for posting your original work on the
>> web. Without it we would be a lot farther off in trying to get this
>> working.
> It's good to hear that it's useful, but disappointing that it doesn't
> work for you yet. Have you managed to get any C++ examples working on
> the device?
> David

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