[PyQt] ANN: eric4 4.1.2 released

Detlev Offenbach detlev at die-offenbachs.de
Thu Apr 17 18:02:44 BST 2008

On Dienstag, 15. April 2008, Simon Edwards wrote:
> Hi,
> Detlev Offenbach wrote:
> > eric4 4.1.2 has been released today. This release fixes a few bugs
> > reported since the last release.
> I've got 4.1.2 installed but I'm still suffering from the problem where
> the autocomplete list popups up all the time even though I've got that
> turned off.
> I've got eric4 installed properly into a separate Python installation,
> and I've tried deleting ~/.eric4. Are there any other files that I
> should try deleting? setAutoCompletionThreshold() is being called
> correctly in Editor.py. I don't know where else to look. Ideas?
> cheers,

Please check the entry 'AutoCompletionEnabled' in the settings file 

Detlev Offenbach
detlev at die-offenbachs.de

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