[PyQt] Re: Help menu and own icon

Christoph Burgmer chrislb at gmx.de
Thu Apr 17 11:58:02 BST 2008

Am Donnerstag, 17. April 2008 schrieb Christoph Burgmer:


> I set the help menu to false before calling setupGUI() and finally add the
> help menu bar with setting icons for the "report bug" (otherwise missing)
> and "About 'app'" (otherwise 'missing icon'), adding language selection by
> giving True to the constructor (missing by default).

I was wrong with one point: "Report bug" isn't missing my default, 
it's "What's this" which can be hidden. But it should be shown by default, 
which it is currently not.

My only work around currently is to add it manualy, which isn't nice to do as 
it shows up at the end of the menu instead of being at it's default place.


whatsThis = helpMenu.action(KHelpMenu.menuWhatsThis)


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