[PyQt] PyKDE extra/kde4xx suggestion

Jim Bublitz jbublitz at nwinternet.com
Mon Apr 7 16:56:03 BST 2008

On Monday 07 April 2008 07:25, Adeodato Simó wrote:
> Hey Jim.
> Do you think it'd be possible to have the extra/kde4xx directories match
> only against the major (4.x) version, instead of the minor as well (4.x.y)?
> Speaking as a (Debian) packager, having the PyKDE packages become
> unbuildable each time a new minor version of KDE is uploaded is, uhm,
> inconvenient.

If a new version makes it unbuildable, that would be an error, since 
configure.py should "emulate" the highest version it knows about. For 
example, if PyKDE was released for KDE 4.0.2 and you build against 4.0.3, 
configure.py should treat it as 4.0.2 still.  I'd have to look at 
configure.py to see if that's still handled correctly.

In that case, extra/kde402 should already exist, and the h files from that 
subdirectory would be used, so there shouldn't be a problem (if the new KDE 
version maintains binary compatibility with the old)..

The most likely problem is that I forget to modify the manifest that's used to 
assemble the tarball and the latest extra/kde* gets omitted.

> Is there a reason why the extra/ subdirs could not be shared among minor
> releases?

Because there's no guarantee they're the same h files in each version, or a 
new version won't introduce some problem that requires an h file be shipped 
with PyKDE instead of accessed from KDE's includes.

The problems are either required h files that KDE doesn't install (and that 
can be errors by minor version), or in one case (the only one, I think), a 
file that needs to be modified to work with PyKDE..


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