[PyQt] Re: Re: SIP newcomer questions/complaints

Jim Crowell jaclists at mailbolt.com
Mon Apr 7 16:40:56 BST 2008

> 6) The docs show show no comparisons with similar tools. I'm trying SIP to see
> if the memory usage of a large wxPython app can be reduced--I have seen
> comparisons claiming that SIP would be slower than hand generated code, but
> faster than SWIG. This seems to be a fair assumption, since SWIG generates lots
> of Python shadow classes, and SIP does not. But some data, or even anecdotal
> advice about what you're going to get out of SIP compared to SWIG might be
> useful in the documentation.

I'm finding that to be so in re-writing the bindings for Syzygy
<http://www.isl.uiuc.edu/syzygy.htm>; I don't have numbers, but I'm
getting noticeably higher framerates. The generated code is also more
readable, easier to debug and maintain, and generates many fewer
compiler warnings. But as you've noticed, there's definitely more
initial banging of the head against the wall with SIP.

Unfortunately after getting 80% done I got pulled away to more
mission-critical work, so haven't got anything posted yet.

-Jim C.

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