[PyQt] Re: SIP newcomer questions/complaints

Jim Crowell jaclists at mailbolt.com
Mon Apr 7 16:27:08 BST 2008

On Mon, 7 Apr 2008 12:00:08 +0100, pyqt-request at riverbankcomputing.com
> 3) I ended up using the distutils support--which worked great out of the
> box.
> But now my scripts are generating enough time to make the compile-link
> time
> cycle significant. My SIP files use one root file that %Includes all of
> the
> other SIP files so that everything goes into one module.
> But when I change one of the sub SIP files, SIP doesn't recognize that
> its
> corresponding files need to be regenerated. So the only way I've found to
> recompile is to "touch" the root SIP file, which causes SIP to regen ALL
> of my
> generated cpp files, and subsequent GCC to recompile ALL of them. Is
> there an
> easy solution to this?

Well, I'm doing the same thing & I have a Makefile with:

					 $(INTERFACE_DIR)/typemaps.sip \
					 $(INTERFACE_DIR)/navigation.sip \
					 $(INTERFACE_DIR)/database.sip \
					 $(INTERFACE_DIR)/szgclient.sip \
					 $(INTERFACE_DIR)/input.sip \
					 $(INTERFACE_DIR)/graphics.sip \
					 $(INTERFACE_DIR)/view.sip \
					 $(INTERFACE_DIR)/gui.sip \
					 $(INTERFACE_DIR)/obj.sip \
					 $(INTERFACE_DIR)/sound.sip \
					 $(INTERFACE_DIR)/interact.sip \


sip_szgpart0.cpp: $(INTERFACE_DIR)/szg.sip $(SIPFILES)
	sip -c . -j 1 $(INTERFACE_DIR)/szg.sip

i.e., explicitly add all the sip files as dependencies for the .cpp

-Jim C.

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