[PyQt] Problem displaying pixmaps added in Qt Designer

Siddhu Warrier siddhu.warrier at ohmsurveys.com
Fri Apr 4 11:47:21 BST 2008


It would be great if you could help me resolve this please.

I have a .ui file with a custom .png icon, and a .png image in the
window (the .png file is displayed by a Label widget). I created the .ui
file using Qt Designer 4. The preview comes out perfect - the image file
is located in the same directory.

I load the .ui file using uic.loadUi(..) function in a PyQt4 program.
However, the images don't display (neither the icon nor the image , and
hence, the layout goes all awry! I have pasted the relevant sections of
the .ui file, and the .py file below.


1. The Form:
<widget class="QMainWindow" name="StackerMainForm" >
  <property name="windowIcon" >

2. The label:
<widget class="QLabel" name="label" >
    <property name="pixmap" >

3. The python code to load the UI:
class StackerMain(QtGui.QMainWindow):
    ## StackerMain constructor
    # This function loads the GUI/StackerMain.ui file
    def __init__(self, *args):
        #create the GUI.
        # load the GUI from the ui file.
        guiPath = "GUI/StackerMain.ui"
        uic.loadUi(guiPath, self)

Thanks a lot in advance,

Siddhu Warrier

Graduate Programmer

OHM plc

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