[PyQt] PyQt Configure.py fails Login name: 01-001735

Chris Dunscombe cdunscombe at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 28 15:55:53 BST 2007


I'm trying to install the commercial version of PyQt 4.3 on Linux (SuSe 10.2). I've got Python 2.5
and I've installed Qt 4.3.1, SIP 4.7 and QScintilla 2.1.

Now when I run python configure.py I get:

Error: Please copy the license file pyqt-commercial.sip to the sip directory.

Now I've copied said license file to all possible "sip directories" e.g. /usr/share/sip,
/usr/local/share/sip, /usr/lib/python2.5/sitepackages etc all to no avail. I've also run:

python configure.py -v /usr/share/sip

and it still fails.

I'm sure I'm doing something stupid but I've no idea what. 

Any help much appreciated.

Thanks very much,


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