[PyQt] ODBC QSqlQuery]

Paulino paulino1 at sapo.pt
Mon Sep 24 23:03:53 BST 2007

I guess You want to acces a MS-SQL Server or MS-Access database from a 
linux box, in order to use ODBC...

If so, this thread may have the answear:



To access MSSQL on Linux you will need a Linux ODBC driver that can talk to 
the MSSQL server.  I think there are commercial options for this as well as 
an open source project called FreeTDS.  I haven't used any other the products 
so I can't confirm how they work but do some searching about on the internet 
and you should be able to find something.  The commerical sites I found using 
google are www.easysoft.com and www.openlinksw.com.


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> Hello,
> 	no one has been the same problem? anyone has used odbc access with pyqt4 with qt4 in linux with sucess?
> i cant find a solution myself...
> Regards,
> Miguel Angel.
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