[PyQt] bug in pylupdate4 or ... ?!

.:: Mehdi Bayazee ::. bayazee at gmail.com
Fri Sep 14 22:21:55 BST 2007

i have a problem with pylupdate4 .
so i devote some time to this. i have understood the problem.
i think pylupdate4 can't determine multiline triple-quoted strings in python
sources codes.

def createMDIChild(self, childClass, name):
        Create new Child window in MDI mode .

        @param childClass: class of new form to create .
        @param name: obj internal name (String)

        @return: Bool
it seems to go into an infinite loop.
how i can create ts files in this case ? is it a bug ?

Best Regards,
Mehdi Bayazee
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