[PyQt] [Fwd: Bug#441577: ftbfs with g++-4.3/gcc-snapshot]

Hans-Peter Jansen hpj at urpla.net
Wed Sep 12 00:14:58 BST 2007

Am Mittwoch, 12. September 2007 00:26 schrieb Danny Pansters:
> I've seen this on FreeBSD when compiling with gcc42 (FreeBSD-STABLE=6 has
> gcc34, FreeBSD-CURRENT=7 has gcc42 as their system compiler). I'd get
> build cluster failures on CURRENT for py-qt4-gui, as well as py-kde (kde3
> that is). The cluster quits building if a single (g++) process takes
> longer than 2 hours.  For py-qt4-gui with gcc42 even on my fat 3.4 GHz
> intel box it would never seem to finish.
> Turning off concat proved (so far) to be a good solution. Tested with
> gcc42 on STABLE.  It doesn't take that much longer (perhaps even faster
> compared to, say gcc34 with -j 4 which I was already using for py-kde to
> help amd/sparc packages to build).
> What happens, as far as I can say, is that the cc1plus process lasts for
> a very long time (or forever). As if there's something odd where the
> number of make invocations and the number of g++ processes don't match up
> or perhaps something overflows causing the compiler to go on and and
> "optimizing". And even if that work is for nothing it will use up
> resources. There's also a known gcc42 <-> python2.5 incompatibility
> problem which may or may not play a role.
> Whatever the exact issue is, I think it's safe to assume that building
> from concatted source should (for now?) be discouraged under GCC42+.

Boys, ever watched your heap in those pathologic cases?


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