[PyQt] [Fwd: Bug#441577: ftbfs with g++-4.3/gcc-snapshot]

Jim Bublitz jbublitz at nwinternet.com
Tue Sep 11 00:30:50 BST 2007

On Monday 10 September 2007 13:25, Torsten Marek wrote:
> Hi Phil,
> there has been a bug report about g++-4.3-related build problems, can
> you comment on that, please?
> BTW, are you aware of the severe performance problems when compiling
> sip-generated code with g++ 4.2? It has improved with recent 4.3
> snapshots, but is still not as fast as 4.1 used to be. Splitting PyQt4
> into 40 parts and compiling with -O1 runs through "fast enough".
> Please see http://gcc.gnu.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=30052
> In other news, thanks for the tips wrt qreal/float, it now builds fine
> on all arches!

I'm also using 4.1.2. I have 4.2.x installed because KDE4 requires that 
version of the C++ libs (with openSuSE 10.2 anyway), but the one time I tried 
to compile PyKDE4 using 4.2, it hung (with concatenated files). It may work 
with sip generating individual files or splitting into a large number of 
parts may work too. I haven't looked into it any farther because PyKDE4 is 
still about 3 months away from release.

PyKDE3 had the same problem with early 4.0.x versions, and still detects those 
and doesn't concatenate for those versions.


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