[PyQt] PyKDE4 Update

Andreas Pakulat apaku at gmx.de
Mon Sep 3 22:21:18 BST 2007

On 03.09.07 13:05:03, Jim Bublitz wrote:
> On Monday 03 September 2007 12:08, Hans-Peter Jansen wrote:
> > Awesome, Jim.
> >
> > Am Montag, 3. September 2007 18:14 schrieb Jim Bublitz:
> > > The module lineup is about the same as PyKDE3, with a few changes. kfile
> > > has been rolled into the kio module, kabc/kresource are dropped, kmdi no
> > > longer exists, kspell is now in kdecore/kdeui as Sonnet, the solid module
> > > has been added, along with (tentatively) two modules that allow scripting
> > > plugins for the Kate editor.
> >
> > Could you elaborate the reasoning behind dropping kabc/kresource briefly?
> >
> > Is it missing upstream also?
> Yeah - I don't know where they've gone. Are they in kdepim? They're no longer 
> in kdelibs (or kdebase, or kdesdk).

kabc and kresources are both in kdepimlibs, the dependecy for kdebase
(for ldap stuff) besides kdelibs.

akonadi is AFAIK not ready for 4.0, i.e. its not integrated in kdepim
yet. Having kdepimlibs in PyKDE4 might be a good idea as well, I haven't
looked into it too much but I think quite some of the libs will make it
possible to integrate python apps with the KDE4 PIM-Stuff (kontact
database, calender and whatnot).

> I don't download all of the source packages (I'm bandwidth limited). I'll be 
> happy to take a look at them if they've moved. If they've moved, the only 
> concern is if they've picked up new dependencies - otherwise putting them 
> back isn't too much work.

Do you know websvn.kde.org? Pretty neat, also lxr.kde.org can help if
you know already what you're looking for in svn.

> I think kmdi is just gone, but I haven't searched for that either. There is 
> some MDI support in Qt4, but haven't looked at that much yet either.

kmdi is dead and thats a good thing ;) Qt itself just has the similar
thing it had in Qt3 wrt. MDI, basically what designer uses. There is a
qmdilib library floating around on kde-apps.org, but thats external and
I doubt Phil wants to provide packages for that.

Also there's a new library-like module - kdevplatform which will provide
a powerful Ui, targetted at IDE-like applications (ok, enough
advertisement). I'm not sure though wether its possible to have
python-plugins for kdevplatform, although it uses the same mechanisms as
Qt Designer plugins under the hood and the module is still pre-alpha (as
the rest of kdevelop) and won't be released with kde 4.0.0.


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