[PyQt] Rejoice, for PyKDE4 has landed in KDE SVN

Simon Edwards simon at simonzone.com
Mon Sep 3 07:37:52 BST 2007

[I'll just repeat my blog post here for everyone.]

Python language bindings for KDE's libraries, PyKDE4, has landed in 
KDE's subversion repository. Jim Bublitz has been working behind the 
behind the scenes on PyKDE4 for quite some time, and now PyKDE4 is 
stable enough to enter its new home in subversion. The last of big 
sweeping changes to the code, like licensing notices and module layout 
for example, have been done and PyKDE4 is in good shape for those who 
want to get in there, port their applications or create new ones and 
help shake any bugs out. Now that KDE's libraries are mostly settled, 
changes and improvements to the bindings will be incremental in nature 
and not too disruptive for Python developers.

Almost all classes in kdelibs are covered, except Phonon which is 
waiting on imporved namespace support in SIP before we can add support. 
Supporting tools like a Qt designer compiler that works with KDE classes 
and uses i18n() are also in the works, along with extra support for 
things like installation, handling i18n messages etc, and not to mention 
documentation and example code.

PyKDE4 is in KDE's subversion repository in 
/trunk/KDE/kdebindings/python/pykde4/ . Be sure to read the INSTALL and 
README files for more information. Thanks go to Jim Bublitz who has done 
the real heavy lifting here, and also to Phil Thompson who developes SIP 
and PyQt4 which PyKDE4 is built on top of.


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